dealsipad/ipad mini camera & media connection adapter…


I would recommend not buying this if you have anything beyond an iPad first generation. I've purchased two of these reproduced by off brand companies and none of them work. Apparently apple crippled the ability for these to work on iPads and you're taking a risk ( albeit cheap risk ).


@omensign: Sounds like something the snots at Apple would do.


I have this particular model and I am glad to report that it has worked well with everything I have tried, from my iPod Classic to my First gen iPad.....I think they updated it when they added the option for the lightning connector....


If you just happen to bend JUST A LITTLE the Mini connector wile in the Mini it will BREAK!


Bought this and used on the iPad 1. worked fine.


I owned a cheap adapter (30-pin model) like this one before and it worked, but was very poorly designed. I had to apply an unusual amount of force just to connect it to the iPad. I felt like I was going to break the adapter or the port on my iPad every time I used it. It may have not been this particular model, but just a warning to those who consider this. I suspect the lightning connector model would have a better chance of fitting appropriately though.