dealsfolding straight shaving razor - ceasar for $10.89


Thats cool, but it's on amazon for $8.99


amazon: $8.99 + $4.49 shipping + (unknown tax) = $13.48
this deal: $10.89 + $3.12 shipping (+$0.88 tax from IL) = $14-01 - $14.89


Use coupon code WOOT for an additional 5% off entire order.


I am not familiar with this brand yet I will suggest that a straight razor for 10 dollars is dangerous A person that has been using a straight razor for a while would not buy this as the quality make a large difference in the way the blade holds the hone as well as glides across ones face. Having been subjected to a piss poor blade from one of the more frequent blade runners on here, do your self a favor and get a straight razor that is mid to top quality.. you will spend more initially yet you will not have spent unnecessary money in the long run.
If you want something for a street fight.. buy this. If you want to look like you were in a street fight, buy this. If you want a great shave save your money and research a little and buy something worth while that will hold and edge and hone.


This needs an accompanying coupon for bandaids or gauze.


I have to agree with the comments regarding quality. At this price, this is nothing more than a display piece. It probably won't even shave any hair.