dealslisbon lemon tree for $39.99


They also have an orange tree for the same price.,default,pd.html

For us wooters that prefer screwdrivers to lemonade.

Pity that neither will grow in my region.


Economy Shipping $11.40

If I may suggest: buy your tea towel at Walmart... or better yet, visit your local thrift store [GoodWill, ARC, Salvation Army, or any other in your city.]

Other fruit options

6 varieties of apples,
2 varieties of apricots,
4 varieties of cherries,
4 varieties of peaches,
3 varieties of pears,
3 varieties of plums

Each for $9.98-$12.98

Other options:

Lisbon Lemon
$19.45 + $12.50 shipping

Navel Orange
$19.45 + $12.50 shipping


So this is a Lis Lemon?

Thank you thank you! I'll be here all week!


Anyone buy from any of these places before? I know a lot of online nurseries ship pretty bad products.


@wootcompare: I agree. Walmart here has the best selection and the trees are from local suppliers.


I just bought one for both Melissa Etheridge and Ellen DeGeneres


@wootfertexas: "Sorry, no shipments to AK, AZ, CA, FL, HI, LA, PR, TX or VI " Can't get it shipped to Texas, anyway.


Do these trees need to come in pairs for pollination?


@erikullman: Several are Self-Pollinating meaning you will only need one tree to produce fruit.

In general these species of trees are Self-Pollinating

These need to be pollinated with other trees.

It looks like they don't come in pairs, but they recommend what other trees to purchase if you need to cross pollinate


@trees123: the ability of plums to pollinate depends whether they're an asian or european variety.

@nephrectomy1: i think it's intended for pot growth. doesn't matter what USDA zone you're in... this isn't for in-ground planting unless you're in USDA zone 10+. for the other 85% of North America, you'd wheel the pot in for winter and put it out early in the year to fruit, pollinate and bloom.

one of my loves/hobbies is edible landscaping, w/special focus on figs (75+ varieties and counting!). i know folks as far north as Winnepeg who grow figs via pot culture, knowing it's not really possible to grow in-ground in such climates.

you can grow anything in pots, the only thing you need to do is root-prune every couple of years, fertilize during season, and be mindful of dormant watering, disease like scale/mealy bugs/fungus gnats/other pests while indoors.

i do feel like this is a bit pricey for fruit & that comes from a guy that has an orchard built on discarded sticks (scion)!


@shifty: May I ask for any links you can supply? I have never heard of this, other that starting tomatoes from seed inside, to be transplanted later. I would enjoy learning about this technique.