deals$10 off orders of $50 or more at thinkgeek


Nice. This should help with the outrageous shipping costs.


...not to mention the outrageous product costs.


Actually, the new codes are one-offs. Anyone having any luck using this one?


@okham: What is a one-off? I have no idea, sorry.

And before you buy from thinkgeek, please look up the product on google to see if you can buy it somewhere else. They have the highest prices ever.


@demonicgman: last half of the code seems to be specific to each user...


These coupons are generally sent out to people who abandon their shopping carts. It's a marketing gimmick to entice customers to complete their order. They're usually either one-time use, or cart/login specific. In other words, you generally can't share them.

I haven't tried this specific one, though. So if anyone else has, speak up!


"ooh noes. This promo code has already been used." No such time use only. Thanks for trying tho! Anyone can likely go add stuff to their cart when signed in then just close it out and you should get a code emailed to you eventually.


ThinkGeek just sends out codes like this somewhat regularly to drum up business; they're not specific to leaving items in your cart or anything, they're just a frequent promo they do.

With that said, the last few have been user-specific. As you can see the code is two parts, a base code and then a unique code after the @, so that folks have to sign up for their email to get them rather than just having it posted. If you want to get them just sign up for their email; I'd say it's probably about 1 message a week give or take.


Their offices are a block from my house. It still costs an arm and a leg to get items delivered... I gave up on TG a year ago. You can find most everything somewhere cheaper, and if not cheaper, then with lower shipping. I've wanted a timmy monkey for ages, they're in stock, but I am not spending 6$ shipping for a 6.99$ item. Sorry, no dice.


I've expired the deal because it looks like it was a one-off. Sorry, folks!


Hi, If anyone has any one-off codes from ThinkGeek and probably aren't going to use them, may I? Please contact me. Thank You