dealsklipsch in-ear headphones for $19.99 + $5.00…


These are a good deal for $20. Got mine last week and used them for a few hours since. My only issue is that they are somewhat quiet and the highs are pretty weak. I like the jvc xx earbuds better in the same price range.


Bought some of these earbuds when they were on tech.woot a couple weeks back, very comfortable to wear. Would definitely recommend to friends or family.

My only complaint thus far is there is a lot of cord noise, meaning if you touch the cable you'll hear whatever you're brushing against. Not so noticeable when I'm listening to music at a decent level, but very annoying when at a lower volume and trying to keep the noise level down.


For the record, these are Klipsch Image S3 earbuds. I have the S4, and they are phenomenal (which are around 50). If you have the extra money to spend, go with the S4. For $20, this is a darn good option, but when it comes to audio quality, it's pretty lame to cut corners.

Edit: And yes, Grimskull brings up a good point, the cable is crazy noisy if you don't have a way to clip it down or something.


Looks good... It's very attractive


These are great headphones, but be aware that if you use them for running / other cardio, they are so quiet you hear your footsteps really loudly. Great for sitting at a desk, though.


I got these a few weeks ago. I've only used them for a few hours, but it was while using my leaf blower/vac. The noise isolation doesn't prevent me from hearing the blower/vac, but it does quiet it down enough that I can hear music over it without cranking it up loud..

That's really all I wanted from these, and they do the job.


listening to them right now on my macbook. and really liking them for leaving in my backpack for when im working in a coffee shop or something. On a side note. a system wide EQ app does wonders for headphones on a laptop. I have a different setup for different headphones and i think these sound great when eq'ed correctly.


I ordered these from the most recent tech.woot and used them at the gym today while on the treadmill. They sound great and didn't fall out of my ears once while running on the treadmill. No cord noise issues since my gym shirt has a little hole near the collarbone for headphones to loop through. Good deal