dealsportal 2 for xbox 360 or ps3 for $29.99 + freeā€¦


Despite the fact that I'm waiting for this to be $5 or $10 on Steam (catching up on too many games at the moment) and the fact that it should have been this price at release, I'll give this a Woot!


@rsmoker: $5 or $10 at release seems like an awfully low price to expect for a game that got such great reviews. What are you basing that price point on?


@rsmoker: I'm utterly perplexed. 5-10$ on release? wha?

A deep game with hours of single- and multi-player fun, completely innovative and unlike anything else out there, and you don't think valve should even get back the money it cost to make it?

It released for $40 at amazon, and honestly I got more fun out of it than the last 4 games I've bought put together.


I was, however, slightly disappointed that there was no dig at or reference to the tv show Lost in the game Portal 2... It would have been AMAZING and totally fitting.


I still want to play the first one on XBox 360. One day I'll suck it up and buy the entire Orange Box since I can't seem to find Portal on its own.


The first Portal does not exist as a boxed standalone release, right? It's The Orange Box or bust. Of course you can get it by itself on Steam/PS3/360, but those digital downloads are hardly in short supply.


Second best game ever. (Can you guess the first?)


@zyxomma100: my friend bought the game for me on pc as a stand alone from circuit city, but im not sure how abundant those are anymore - especially since theyre more likely to push the consumer towards getting the orange box. however, its likely they are no longer in production.


You can get The Orange Box for super super cheap anyway. Try ebay and buy it used if you want.


@kylemittskus: You can buy Portal: Still Alive, which is the original game with bonus levels, off of Xbox Live for $15.


The PS3 version also allows you to download Portal 2 for PC through Steam.

As far as the "should have been $5-$10 at release" I honestly don't understand how you got that idea. Portal 2 has more innovation and simply genius level design than most of the blockbuster games I've paid $60 at release for. Out of everything I've played this year (which is quite a bit) this game is easily my Game of the Year pick.


@wnyx585am: @cerberez: @altairdusk: I was saying it should have been $30 on console and $20 on PC at release. Sorry for not being clear and causing a bunch of drama. Sorry that I'm cheap. I've been waiting 6 months for the price to go down: