dealstoshiba a660 - sandy bridge i7, 6gb, nvidia 540m…


I have this computer, but back when they sold it with a 12 cell battery and Blu-Ray RW for the same price (I got it in February). It's beautiful and wonderful. I never ever ever say this, but try looking for it at Office max, and tack on a coupon or two.

Don't buy it from Toshiba. Buy it from somewhere else and then buy the warranty from Toshiba. You have 30 days from the purchase date to do this.


That's what I did with my A75. I bought it at CompUsa and then got the warranty from Toshiba


whats the difference from buy from toshiba vs a local store?


@gregdubz: Cost. Many times, just when you think the local store and the Toshiba are selling them for the same price, if you look very carefully at the specs they're customized with, you'll find significant hardware differences.

For mine, the difference was a blueray DVD RW, more hard drive space, a 12 cell battery and one other thing I can't recall. But when I customized this listing to match the one at office max, the total "discounted" price was 300 more than I paid after tax at office max. That's good money towards a warranty.