dealsthe last starfighter [2 discs] for $5.99


Well this would have been a great deal but this deal is valid for STORE PICK UP ONLY
"Shipping: Available In-Store Only"


I don't even know where my nearest FRYs is located (Minneapolis, MN area).
Too bad, because it is a great story, although somewhat dated.


Unfortunately the nearest Fry's to me is 197 miles away.


327.67 mi. to Atlanta metro area location. Doh! They need to bring a Fry's to Jax.


Sweet! and I'm gonna be near a Fry's on Saturday!
Thanks guys!

Course....I still don't have a blue ray player...but most of my friends do.


Too bad you are in the Twin Cities. Born and raised there. I live and work 5 minutes from a Fry's in the Bay Area. MN has deals I can't get.


@skutir: Saturday may be too late. If it's a regular Fry's sale, it'll probably be over because Fry's sales normally run from Fri to Thu with some additional items added during the week but all ending on Thursday.

Big (8 newspaper pages) ad on Friday, 1 page with maybe some new (and many repeats of Friday) stuff on Saturday, another page on Sunday, one more page on Wed ("2 day sale") all ending on the next Thursday.

Sometimes (usually on holidays), the Sat & Sun ads will be 1 day sales. I don't recall ever (& I check Fry's ads at least 4 times a week) seeing an ad price that's valid on Thursday still be active after Thursday.