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Fix the thumbnail. That's a pic of the Marcy Standard Weight Bench w/ 80-lb. Weight Set.


I own a set of these 552's. They are a great replacement for a bunch of individual dumbbells. The primary downfall is for stronger individuals where these become practically useless for certain movements because they are so light.
These are a great addition to a home gym, but don't replace a good set of free weights.


To add to sporadic's comment:

The benefit is also humongous for people living in apartments where you're really out of space. These can replace a whole set of dumbbells and in a few month's time end up also end up being cheaper than a gym.

Naturally, once you outgrow these you're going to have to purchase a gym membership (or find a bigger place) so that you can house a power rack and other large, heavy equipment.


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