deals3d glasses (blue & red lenses) for $0.00 + free…


The fashion show almost makes me want to get these glasses...


Idk if i feel comfortable sending my information to this website, it's not secured.


@coondogg97: You don't need glasses to view that in 3d. It's like the magic eye books. You have to cross your eyes a bit until the two images become one.


nice deal,but it seems a little strange!


Yeah, but you CAN use glasses to view it in 3D. You can set it to different types of 3D in the settings at the bottom right.

I've heard from another place that posted this freebie that people have signed up for these over a month or two ago and still haven't gotten them, just lots of e-mails from them.

And I thought the video was almost scarily bizarre, for some reason, though I could only find 5 out of the 6 "items in the film that do not belong" that the 3DFASHION GAME asks for. However, it doesn't even tell me what the prize is so I don't know if I should bother looking.


@neolithicx: Not sure if trolling or just stupid....


"* 3D glasses may also be picked up at the Norma
Kamali Flagship store. Offer valid to US Residents."


"Norma Kamali is known for inventing styles that have influenced a number of trends through the years. The sleeping bag coat, the high-heeled sneaker, clothing made from parachutes, influential swimwear..."

What? I mean..huh? I mean, I know I haven't been around forever..but I haven't seen clothing based on any of those things.

-the purring dork


@zodaddy: Considering the only information they need is an address I think it's safe enough
Worst case you get junk mail every once in a while


@comter: not sure about sleeping bag coat or influential swimwear, but I have seen the high heel sneakers. Also,


The designer is retro late 60s. The music and the whole style reminds me of the old Sean Connery, James Bond movies intros. The only thing missing is the complete actual polyester look instead of this imitation (and I'm sure organic) "polyester look".


I have yet to get mine even though I placed the order the day this deal was added :l