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Calvin and Hobbes is to "comic books" as Shakespeare is to trade paperbacks. Yep, the content can be delivered in that manner, but the genius is in the content.

Go get these books. Enjoy the brilliant writing and the wonderful artwork. If you've got a child who is a "reluctant reader", leave them lying around.


I can't believe it didn't occur to me earlier, but my 6YO daughter came across one of my Calvin and Hobbes books in my bookshelf. We've gone through almost the entire collection now. This is one that is missing. I'm so glad they're still in print. The "Complete" hardback collection has been on my hit list for some time, but something that can be a little more mobile will due for now. :)


Oh how I miss my Calvin & Hobbes!


Temporarily out of stock :(

But at least Amazon is still taking orders!


For half price you can pick up a used copy on Amazon. I have one C&H book for over twenty years and it still 'works.' We rarely buy new books. We get boxes for $1 at yard sales. Not for a pristine book collection but good for reading. Won't rot on a bookshelf.