dealsdie hard 25th anniversary collection (4 movies…


"yippie kay yay motherf__ker"


Is this the same one? 19.99 with free shipping.


I've seen this Blu-Ray set at my local Costco for $18.99 as recently as a couple of days ago. So if you have that option, you can save another handful of dollars and get it in person.


I just got to my local Fry's (Northern suburbs of Atlanta GA) & this set & all the single movies (in the same release series) have $10 "movie money" stickers on them good toward the upcoming movie.

BTW, the single movies mentioned above are on sale for $10 each with those $10 Movie Money coupon codes too so if you're planning to see the movie at full price (if your ticket it's under $10, don't expect change) anyway, that makes the single blu ray movies practically free.

Also, from multiple personal experiences, Movie Money is treated by the participating theater as a credit card (Discover card, I think) & can be used to purchase any movie ticket, not just the movie specified.


I have the 6-disc DVD set of the first 3 films, plus #4 on DVD. Worth it to upgrade to Blu?

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Soooo confused. I jumped in before reading the comments. Bad. Panicked, went to the Fry's web site and looked at the other Blu Ray releases. They are dated 1/29/13 and are specifically rated R. Cautions about language, nudity........all the good stuff. This version states that it is unrated, but has the same release date of 1/29/13. I may be overly optimistic, but it looks like this one may be a very recently-released R version. Besides, for the price it is a nice primer for the new Die Hard. Some imagination may be required.


Fry's does have free shipping (WM and Amazon are ~$50).


@quantamm: Thanks for the info...too bad. I'd posted on getglue that "I'm glad they're moving back to rated R" for "A Good Day to Die Hard"


@quantamm: You're half right. The theatrical version is the original version, and the "Unrated" just added in a few swear words and bad CGI blood effects later.


@quantamm: I was about to buy this, until I read your comment. That sucks. I only want to buy the whole bundles when I get full features. That's pretty much the point. :(


Just an FYI - Live Free or Die Hard is the theatrical PG-13 cut. The R-rated cut, which made it to DVD, hasn't been released on Blu-Ray. So, as a censored McClane would say - Yippie-Ki-Yay-Mother-F-~~~unintelligible over gunshots~~~