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Just an FYI - Live Free or Die Hard is the theatrical PG-13 cut. The R-rated cut, which made it to DVD, hasn't been released on Blu-Ray. So, as a censored McClane would say - Yippie-Ki-Yay-Mother-F-~~~unintelligible over gunshots~~~


@quantamm: I was about to buy this, until I read your comment. That sucks. I only want to buy the whole bundles when I get full features. That's pretty much the point. :(


@quantamm: You're half right. The theatrical version is the original version, and the "Unrated" just added in a few swear words and bad CGI blood effects later.


@quantamm: Thanks for the info...too bad. I'd posted on getglue that "I'm glad they're moving back to rated R" for "A Good Day to Die Hard"


Fry's does have free shipping (WM and Amazon are ~$50).


Soooo confused. I jumped in before reading the comments. Bad. Panicked, went to the Fry's web site and looked at the other Blu Ray releases. They are dated 1/29/13 and are specifically rated R. Cautions about language, nudity........all the good stuff. This version states that it is unrated, but has the same release date of 1/29/13. I may be overly optimistic, but it looks like this one may be a very recently-released R version. Besides, for the price it is a nice primer for the new Die Hard. Some imagination may be required.


I have the 6-disc DVD set of the first 3 films, plus #4 on DVD. Worth it to upgrade to Blu?

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I just got to my local Fry's (Northern suburbs of Atlanta GA) & this set & all the single movies (in the same release series) have $10 "movie money" stickers on them good toward the upcoming movie.

BTW, the single movies mentioned above are on sale for $10 each with those $10 Movie Money coupon codes too so if you're planning to see the movie at full price (if your ticket it's under $10, don't expect change) anyway, that makes the single blu ray movies practically free.

Also, from multiple personal experiences, Movie Money is treated by the participating theater as a credit card (Discover card, I think) & can be used to purchase any movie ticket, not just the movie specified.


I've seen this Blu-Ray set at my local Costco for $18.99 as recently as a couple of days ago. So if you have that option, you can save another handful of dollars and get it in person.


Is this the same one? 19.99 with free shipping.


"yippie kay yay motherf__ker"