deals8l waterproof dry bag - random color for $3.49…


How do people feel about Meritline? Cuz this is a pretty good price for Dry Bags


@takenforgranite: Other than slow shipping (most comes from China, I believe), I've never had a problem with Meritline. That's over at least a half dozen transactions.


@takenforgranite: i've only ordered one thing from them, but i had no issues. shipping isn't the quickest but the price is right. other people seem to say the same thing, with the occasional negative review.


I've ordered a few things from them and aside from shipping taking a while and their products not always being the best quality (but I knew that going in) I've had great experiences.
I screwed up the shipping once, forgot to change it from the expedited to the standard/free shipping and then hit submit before checking the total. I emailed them, told them I screwed up and asked if they could fix it. They did, no problem.
I also had one item arrive slightly damaged. I emailed and explained what happened. They shipped me a replacement item, no questions asked and it arrived in less than a week.

They're a company that deals in low end products and their shipping is literally the slow boat from China most of the time but they're up front about that and have very good customer service and good prices. I'd have no reservations ordering from them again and recommending them to others.


You can trust the site I've ordered plenty from them including this dry bag. I just ordered 3 more as gifts and one more for my next backpacking trip.