dealscvs - 4 - 12 pack coke - 48 can total for $10.00


Yes, I agree it is a bit confusing. After looking at the CVS site it looks like the coke products are on sale for 4 for $10. That makes them $2.50 each. All the extra details seem to be about CVSCash. If you spend $30 or more you get a CVSCash card valued at $10. So if you were to buy 12 cases of coke for $30 in 1 transaction, you would then receive 1 CVSCash Card. To make the real savings you would need to complete 4 transactions. The 1st 3 transactions would each be to buy 12 cases of coke. You would then again purchase the 12 cases of coke but use the $30 worth of CVSCash. I’m sure there are taxes that differ from place to place, but in summary you could purchase 48 cases of coke for about $90 or $1.88 per case or $0.16 per can. That’s a lot of coke to drink before it expires.


Sorry i made a mistake in haste if you het the $10 cash card. You can NET 144 CANS FOR ONLY $20 plus tax and crv


I still don't understand, no matter how cheap this is; why would any one keep buying the worst Coca-Cola with horridly tasting HFCS? I haven't forgotten the taste of the original Coca-Cola with real sugar (thank goodness people are re-importing those from Mexico...yes, Mexico).

And why do we allow Coca Cola to short change us here in the land it was invented?!


@lll0228: I agree with you. I buy my coke at Costco, imported from Mexico, made with pure cane sugar.


Are you charged for can deposits on each?

Also, I can't believe people still drink pure sugar. HFCS aside... freaking SUGAR.

Coke Zero tastes just as good, and it has no sugar. That's what I will be getting with this deal.


OR I can take myrewards coca cola coupons for twelve packs and get them free anywhere ^_^ #WINNING


After I click the link I don't see anything about coke.

I'm not too familiar with how cvs does sales, is there no coupon needed?


Welcome home kidney disease...


@dragonsabur: Check out the link at the top of the page to the Weekly Ad, it's on the first page. No coupon required, it should ring up automatically as long as you use a CVS ExtraCare card. Check your receipt though, and if you spend $30 (on qualifying items) make sure you get your $10 bonus card, sometimes their system is a little glitchy when it comes to sales...when I tried it didn't include some items that the sales add listed, so they had to manually print a $10 certificate.


A somewhat related note: Dr. Pepper is/isn't included with this deal. Depending on the store, they like to say it is a Pepsi product until Pepsi goes on sale; and then they turn around and say Dr. P is a Coke product. Hope this helps those going in to buy Dr. Pepper and coming out disappointed (I did).


@89titanium: I very strongly prefer sugar over artificial sweeteners, for both taste and safety reasons. I'd imagine a lot of other people have the same preference, for one or both of those reasons.

But then again, I only drink soda about once every couple of months - I recognize that in terms of health, a daily soda drinker would probably be better off taking any potential risks of artificial sweeteners over the sugar hit. The taste issue still stands, but I hear you get used to it. Still, better to stick to water in my opinion.

(Plus, on the topic of coke zero, I have a problem with coca-cola using Sodium Cyclamate as a artificial sweetener in European and South American versions even though it is banned in the US by the FDA. In Venezuela, they not only used it in above legal amounts but also neglected to tell the Ministry of Health that it had been added. In what I'm sure is a huge coincidence Sodium Cyclamate is cheaper.)


Good price for this area.

Worried about the health issues when drinking soda?


@nangiggles: Or, you can use those to get an even better deal. I used my 4 MCR free coupons on this deal, so I paid $20 to get 16 12-packs-- $1.25 per 12-pack.

The breakdown, for anyone curious:
Buy $30 worth of coke 12 packs (that's 12 12 packs.).
Use 4 free coupons (from My Coke Rewards), bringing total down to $20.
Pay $20, receive 12 12 packs + $10 gift card
Use $10 gift card to buy 4 more 12 packs, for a total of 16 12-packs.
Plus, a huge supply of My Coke Rewards to put in.

You could arguably keep rolling that until you have built a home out of cans. We stocked up for home use and are probably going to go back once more to stock an upcoming family member's wedding.


@jezebelseven: AND CVS just sent me a $5 off $25 coupon so if you also got one, then, well, that's even better. With the previous scenario, that makes it more like 93 cents per 12 pack, if my math brain is working.


It would appear that it's dr pepper freindly [Img][/img]