dealssteam summer sale - day 11 (encore day)


Completely overlooked Bioshock: Infinite - $29.99


There is a mess of other stuff on sale not on the front page - flash sale on the classic Fallout games (1, 2, Tactics) for $3, Rock of Ages for $2, Binding of Isaac for $2.50, Saints Row Full Package for $7.50 and so on. It'd be good if other people pointed out the deals they like that didn't make the front page.


@tarrkin: Typically, but not always, deals that aren't on the front page are not that great of a deal. The classic fallout games are an exception.

Likewise, games on the front page are not always that great of a deal. Bioshock: Infinite @ $30 is not that great of a deal, even if it is 50% off.

If you're patient and/or don't have much free time to play videogames, it almost always pays to wait.


@tarrkin: Rock of Ages for $2? I bought that game a year ago or so. It's not a perfect game, but it's absolutely worth that price. It's a tower defense game where you alternate between attacker and defender, and you attack by controlling a rolling katamari-like boulder that rams into the enemy castle. And it's also pretty funny.


@justagigilo85: My rule is $15. I don't buy a game until the GOTY edition or gold edition, whatever edition that has all the dlc they released for it comes out and costs no more than $15. I've yet to be too disappointed by this.

There are some exceptions to the rule (like Batman Arkham City), but for the most part, if it costs more than $15, I'm not interested.


So... are we preemptively expiring deals now?


That's for unexpiring it my deal, but now that it's really over, I'll expire it myself.