dealsmerino wool blend socks w/ compression fit or…


Looked worth a try but, when I went to the site, there are no face masks and when you choose the socks, it adds $1.99 so it's $6.98 for the socks - not $4.99. I didn't stick around to see what else they added at the checkout.


I was very confused. NO where on the home page did it mention anything about the socks being an additional price. As a matter of fact it shows 4.99 on the home page. However, if you add it to your cart it adds $1.99 to your total. Looks like some false advertising as they show you one price on their homepage but when adding it to your cart they charge an additional price! NOT Cool!


Wow! What gives?!
The page says $4.99 for either the mask OR the socks. I went to add the socks to the cart and it adds $1.99 to the price, so it's $6.98 not the advertised $4.99 price.
Even though that might still be a good deal, I don't like the trickery here!!
No Sale!


Now it says the mask is sold out.


Sorry about the price mixup. In my original post I noted that the socks were $1.99 more, but I was trying to add this on my iPhone and my fat fingers deleted the entire post. By the time I did it all over again, I had lost the brain cell that held that information. Mea culpa!