dealsstarbucks ground coffee 12 oz. for $6.99



Good price! Amazon has the House Blend 12 oz for $14.29

Medium, House decaf

Pike Place, Medium

Dark, Espresso


Thanks for the deal - I picked up some! (and decided to try the blond at this price)


Great WOOT! I picked up two!


This deal is available almost everyday at Target, at least the one nearby. Whole bean too.


Shadowzero made the same comment I was going to--Target always has for same price--not to mention they/Starbucks grind the Target Home Brand for them @ $5.99--at least that is what I was told by the Starbucks situated in my local Target.

Tip though --to make my post useful since I am repeating--the Blond Blend Sucks and not a fan of Pikes--of course everyone's taste is different--go Sumatra Blend


I only want Pikes place but there is a limit of 2 per customer so NO free shipping...If it looks too good to be true...well you know the


I'm a fan of the Blond Verona. I don't like coffee with "bite". Ordered two which is the limit. Believe me, it's not at all difficult to get the order to $25. Think walking into a Walgreen's...they sell about everything on their net site that's in their stores. I just add a couple bottles of shampoo or anything else I need anyway.


Word of Note:

"MORNING JOE" Is the same as "GOLD COAST" Bold blend, just with a different name.

Currently you can not buy GOLD COAST in the stores, apparently they are either rebranding it or something and bringing it back into the stores later this year.

It's not the one on sale, but it might be worth picking up, since you know you can't buy it at Starbucks themselves.


Sale over. All are back to regular price.