dealsnew lot 5 heininger garagemate drip guard 1…


I've bought a lot of things in my life, but $7 these? This is the kind of thing the hardware store would throw in for free with the can if anyone actually wanted/needed these. This is the opposite of a deal, this is exchanging your money for trash.


Yes! No longer will my paint cans have rims that are completely crusted with dry paint from each time I need to pull the can out to touch up paint where a small child has selectively destroyed my house!


What is your caulk is drippy too?


@themcnasty: not sure if you actually read the product listing, but this is for a 5 pack, not just a single unit. They are manufactured by Heininger Automotive, a reputable company located in Bellingham, WA. These are extremely useful and can extend the life of your paint as well as save a lot of hassle and mess. You will not be offered 5 of these for free anywhere.


Or just use a rubber band....