dealssnes/ nes retron 2 gaming console for $39.99…


Pointless IMO. Just use an NES or SNES emulator (A couple good ones are Nestopia and ZSNES respectively).


@haloman800: Maybe some people want to play the REAL games. On a REAL tv. With a REAL controller in hand.


@silentlegend: Yup. Some people want to blow on the contacts of their cartridges until they work, so they can play exciting 8-bit games.


holy crap. i had no idea this existed SQUEE!


ITT we make obvious our age by either raving about a product that allows us to step back into our childhood or bashing that nostalgia and calling said product a waste of time. After all, there's an easier way to accomplish more or less the same thing and you don't even have to haul your lazy self out of your computer chair and over to the couch to do it!


@tcayer: Oh now that is a memory. I remember the Zelda cartridge being gold and it SAVED your progress ... GASP. With that being said, I have had a few issues with some of the new retro devices working with my LED tvs. I haven't put much time in trying to figure out what the heck is going on but I really, really wish I would have kept my last tube tv :(


Can't all those games be played on a Wii either through the store or a modded one with an emulator. Why would anyone want to mess with cartridges?


@jha1223: LIght gun games don't get along with LED, LCD, or Plasma TV's because of the way those TV's function. When a light gun's trigger was pulled, screens would flash a color for a split second, except for the "target" areas. The game basically checked to see what colour the gun was "seeing.". Due to the way new TV's work (they don't have an "off" point in their refreshes), the sensor would always "see" white coming from these screens.


@silveroracle: I still have my original NES and SNES and thought about buying the gun for Duck Hunt-- but was skeptical that it would actually work with a new LCD/plasma TV. Thanks for the insight.


great for those 27"-32" tube tv's sitting out in the garage.


Before everyone downvotes haloman800 into oblivion, I'd like to point out that this is, in fact, a hardware emulator. All of these non-official NESes and SNESes are. I agree that playing on a TV with a controller is awesome, but don't expect 100% perfect audio or video reproduction from this device, even though you're playing the original games. The NES portion works pretty well, with only a few visual hiccups here and there. The SNES is pretty lacking, though, with mis-modulated music and frequent graphical glitches.

Cool device if you need a cheap workhorse in your gameroom, but don't bother if you're looking for a top-shelf Chrono Trigger experience or something.


I like playing on the real consoles, which i have. :)


If anybody does buy this, keep in mind that blowing on the cartridges is actually a bad idea. You don't want to accidentally get spit in them.


@tommytom02: I agree. I think that these devices are neat, and almost bought one while thinking of a holiday gift for the girlfriend (huge SNES nerd). I decided to buy a used Wii for marginally more money and then download all of her favorite games to the virtual console. They make classic SNES controllers for the Wii as well as NES style "covers" for the Wii controller. This allowed much more flexibility and ease of getting the games you want.

I'm happy to hear people's suggestions on alternatives. I also do see the value in a product like this, especially if you already have a collection of the physical games. This was not the case for me (or her) and I found it quite difficult to find the games that she wanted in stores and auction-sites. It was not the right option for me, but it very well could be for some people.


@thricexalliance: me too. Will never make the mistake of selling it again. Saw an SNES for $60 at the local game shop. They want $75 for some of the games. WTF.


@silentlegend: I did that back in like 2002 using a PC.
You could connect a real NES controller to a PCs LPT port with just a some diodes.
Very easy to do for a high school kid.
Then the computer was connected to a TV. It was like an under $1000 family computer.

Now it is 2013, if someone wants to connect their computer to a tv with a real controller then it is even easier now so there is 0 reason to buy this.


@jha1223: If you use the NES Zapper, it will not work unless you have a tube TV. (not sure on the flat screens, i dont mean the flat panels)


If you really need a tube TV set for these, you might check your local Goodwill store. Last time I browsed mine, there were half a dozen of them sitting there, awaiting new homes.


@nivram: Or the Craigslist Free section -- I see free tube TVs there everyday.


I've been using an FC Twin I got from amazon for about $35 with prime shipping (It's $37.23 right now). It's pretty good for most games, but the controllers are fairly bad. I had to dig out an original SNES controller and now I like it a lot more.


@haloman800: Some of us actually paid for our games and would like to play them.


I still have my childhood SNES. It works just as well as the day I got it. It even still erases all my saved games if my mom bumps into it with the vacuum cleaner while playing Super Mario RPG.


@silentlegend: While i agree with your point, I have found the software emulation experience to be almost spot on with the hardware emulation of this product. Also if you want the feeling of a real controller, check this out,, it works with an originial controller that I had!


I bought a VERY similar product called the FC Twin nearly 4 years ago. I loved digging through my old NES and SNES games and playing them exactly as I did when I was young. Still works flawlessly today. Haven't had to re-insert or blow on a single game. And I have yet to find one game that didn't work properly.


The first gen xbox is fully capable of doing both of these when soft-modded. You have to use the xbox controller (which is way better anyway IMO) and it works on a TV.


Price of SNES/NES emulator and every game EVER made for both: $0. Price of a cable to connect your computer to your "real" TV: $5 tops. Price of a USB SNES/NES controller, $5, shop around. So thats $10 TOPS to get the EXACT same experience as this gets you, and is no more or less "real." If you want the "real deal" stop bitching and go to craigslist or a pawn store or a garage sale and buy a handful of NES/SNES consoles for a few bucks. 12-15 years ago we got 25 NES games, all accessories except the little robot guy, and FOUR consoles for $15.


@cliffjumper: Cool device if you need a cheap workhorse in your gameroom, but don't bother if you're looking for a top-shelf Chrono Trigger experience or something.

Short of getting out the old SNES, you can get the full controller/legal experience with the excellent Wii Virtual Console and classic controller.

(And if you want, there are classic controllers that even more-closely resemble the SNES controller)


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