dealsgamo usa lady recon adult air rifle (new) for $49…


Gamo are top tier. I have some of their pistols. They are much better than crossman / daisy that you find at walmart. Solid built, not too heavy, dependable, accurate, etc. Only downside is my pistols require special pellets. Anyone know about this one?


@angerbender: It will fire any .177 caliber pellet.


This stock is plastic (going by the description here), so I would imagine painting it another color is no problem (for men who don't feel manly enough lugging around a pink air rifle).


I wonder why they can't ship this to California? I've bought air rifles from a couple other out of state websites and I've had no trouble shipping them here in California.

This is not a very powerful air rifle, for anybody that's wondering. This is more like a kid's air rifle.


@dazoneranger: Yep. 525 FPS is less than half as fast as the pellet gun I had as a child.


In for one. This is going to be a great 82nd birthday present for my squirrel hating grandmother.


eh, i gave my sister mosin ex sniper, only 50 bucks more, and it makes a much bigger boom


My bee bee gun has a scope on it so I can feel accurate and hardcore.


Hmm. Mother's Day present for Grandma?


Got Lead? Just sayin':

"Potential Hazard to Human Health from Exposure to Fragments of Lead Bullets and Shot in the Tissues of Game Animals"


Why don't the girls get a scope, light and laser too? :( We shouldn't have to choose between pink and toys.

Equal rights for pink guns! :)

Also, we have the black one, with just the scope, a really fun gun to shoot and can do some damage to little critters too.


@dazoneranger: yep, some places online avoid shipping to the entire state because of 1 or 2 counties that ban the shipment. It's legal to ship to all of illinois, except for Cook County, but they avoid Illinois completely to avoid shipping into the banned county by mistake. Too bad, because I was considering purchasing this and I'm outside of crook county.


In for one - it'll be a good gift when my oldest girl turns 9.


@wakeupneo: If lead is an issue, use the PBA pellets which are lead free.
PBA = Performance Ballistic Alloy



This gun uses a standard 11mm dovetail so scoping it isn't difficult or expensive.

I think the original intent is that most people buying this rifle for a SO or loved one already are into airguns and have an extra scope laying around. Iron sights are great for beginners to learn about aiming anyway.

In my case, I happen to have an extra BSA scope that came with my Gamo 440 but was upgraded; I'll mount and sight it in with this recon before gifting it to my grandma.


525FPS is OK...1000-1200 FPS is better. Spend the extra $50 and get a higher power air rifle...or man up and get a Ruger 10/22 for $199 from Sports Authority (CA)


@dazoneranger: Our order taking systems don't have the ability right now to restrict orders by zip code so unfortunately we have to restrict shipping to the entire state.


Just wanted to point out that it's entirely possible to paint over the pink stock fairly easily if the color is off-putting. In my case, this'll make a perfect birth day gift for my first daughter that we're expecting any day now. I'll just keep it warm for her until she's old enough to actually hold it. :oP

Yes, this isn't the most powerful or accurate air gun, but it's supposed to be a children's/beginner's rifle, not for those of us that love guns but freak the neighbors out when we pull out our .300 win mag rifle when we see a squirrel in the yard. Pick up on the one on Woot right now if you're looking for a quiet, but powerful, varmint gun. Choose this if you plan on shooting in the basement.