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Is this something I should be installing myself lol


Estimated shipping for me was almost $13, which makes the total cost closer to $27.


I live in CA and I bought 3 for a total of $54


Any idea how much it would cost to have this installed?


Shipping cost almost as much as the item...Gave up on downloading the manual after several minutes....Was going to buy two, but cancelled....


@fapsausss: "Is this something I should be installing myself lol"

No, probably not, given that you end questions with "lol" instead of question marks.

The rest of us probably can manage fairly easily, though.


Does this kit require cutting wires?


@joshobra: Yes, and splicing wires that are pre-existing in your vehicle


@fapsausss: not it you are the sort of person that has to ask.

Everyone else will have this installed in under half an hour


Don't forget about the hidden expense of needing to buy another pre-programmed key (likely from a dealer), at around $100 depending on make and year of car. No big deal or expense if you're still driving that 1972 Chevy Imapala, but if its something built in the last 20 years, your key probably has a proximity chip in it that needs to be programmed, and those aren't (usually) cheap.


@joemarfice: When you have to take your car to the dealer because you destroyed your electrical system trying to install some $13 auto start, remember my sentiment towards this: LOL


@jro2020: good luck with that. Let me know how it goes.


i bought one at a local bennys last year before the winter for 40 bucks. installed myself and its been flawless so far. that being said, it took me just over an hour, mostly cause im meticulous. i do have electrical background installing car audio for freinds and myself. it comes with a dvd, and also instructions, and a website to download additional info.
has options to make ur lights flash, horn sound with the panic button. i opted just for the startup. the range is not that great, maybe 40 or so feet from indoors. i have an old 95 truck, basic, no power anything. so if u have a newer nicer car, id have it installed professionally. but for an older car or beater that u dont mind tinkering with, its worth the price i paid. all installations are done inside the car near the ignition switch. and yes there is cutting/splicing invollved. i just stripped the wire insulation without cutting in half, then made the connection needed and then electrical tape.


@subrec: actually, for example, Ford chipped keys are less than $20 on ebay and you can program yourself if you have the original 2 keys.
you can program up to 6 more yourself.
i've done it, and remotes too. very easy


@subrec: valet keys are better for this and cheaper. Though, if you drive a newer BMW, Audi, etc - don't put a remote starter in your car, please. Just.... don't. You'll void all kinds of warranties and you will also have a KEY to your car "hidden" somewhere on it.

But I'll pass. My car sleeps in the garage. I have heated seats. I also like my car too much to mess with it for now.


For fuel injected automatics only.

Man I was thinking how nice this would be, but I drive 2 different manual transmission cars.
Watch the install videos before you purchase.


For everyone stating you'll need another key to be programmed and kept in your car, this is no longer true. This used to be the case, but now we use the FlashLogic FLCAN for almost every car (~$60).
It reads the real key in the ignition cylinder one time, clones it, then sends that same signal to the ignition cylinder when the remote start is activated. No extra keys to buy. No leaving a key in the car. However using/programming this transponder bypass while installing the remote start is likely over the average DIYers head.

Yes you'll need to cut into your factory ignition harness. But you DO NOT need to actually cut the wires in half. Use a "military splice" (google it).....though ideally everyone should solder their connections.


Lastly, if you're so inclined and capable, you can actually make this system work with your factory keyfob. Attach your white/blue wire to the power lock MOTOR wire (not the door switch lock wire) via a regular SPDT relay to switch the + door lock wire to a negative output to the blue/white wire, go into the remote start's menu using the valet switch and change the activation pulses to 3. Now when you push the lock button on your factory keyfob 3 times, it will activate the remote start.

As a professional installer who installs several remote starts a week, I can't recommend home installation to anyone but a professional. I've seen FAR too many ghetto rigged fire hazards to feel comfortable suggesting something of this caliber for DIY installation.

Good luck!


Nice comments/info fire bird you cringe reading some of these post :-)


Meh. I hear/see bad installs all the time.

And in case anyone is actually thinking of using their factory keyfob as I've described above, the relay configuration would be Pin 85 to the lock motor wire, pins 86 and 30 would be ground and 87 would be the blue/white wire (87a goes ununsed). Do not forget to enter into the menu and change the activation pulses to 3. Or else your car will remote start every time you lock the doors. lol Oh, and you won't need to connect the included antenna to the brain.


Anyone know if this will also lock/unlock doors?


@azar: Think about how you park your car-- you really don't want to start your car remotely without a foot to pop the clutch.

(unless for some reason you put it in neutral)