dealscharmin ultra soft toilet paper, double rolls, 40…


If you arent a PRIME member shipping is like 13$ so it kind of kills the "deal" of it if you arent a member, and I don't really think its worth paying 70$ to get some cheap toilet paper



Then buy two (80 rolls) ! Orders over $25 get free supersaver shipping.

I paid $40.83 (as I do not have a mastercard for that discount), but $0.51 / roll, delivered free, is worth tthe hassle of not putting that in a physical shopping cart.

(... will it get here in time for Devil's Night? Hmmmm.... )


24 pack of double rolls is 12.97 at Walmart. 54 cents per roll. No need for coupons, memberships, codes, or the need to use MC. Plus with a coupon for 1.00 off its even cheaper. Pick it up the next time I go. Just sayin....