dealssandisk sansa clip+ 1.0" black 4gb mp3 player…


Excellent! Better than the zip!


Damn, This place is costing me money tonight. Good gift, for sure, since I had already gotten one for myself from Woot!


Fantastic little MP3 player. Sounds great and is tiny. Would for sure buy one if I didn't already have two haha.


I paid about $5 more for one of these on tigerdirect a few months ago, it was still worth it. There is a port of Rockbox for these that runs flawlessly and gives it a bunch of extra capabilities.


I have one and they are nice. The display is the problem. It's very hard to read in direct sunlight. Also the clip will break on you. Never had the clip part last more than six months, though the player itself works fine still.


Great deal, I have several and been looking to replace a many years old 1 gig that the battery died. thanks for the link.