dealsend of season sale: save up to 50% on footwear…


it's tough to find, but buried in the interface is a handy "sort by: holy crap people actually wear that - to - $10 off $70 doesn't close the sale" option


I bought 3 MLB hoodies (Stitches brand) for 50% off about a month ago and had to return all 3 in-store because they were way, way too big. The large size was more like a XXL poncho. So, keep that in mind if the one you buy is made by Stitches.


Almost bought a pair of boots but at the final confirmation screen shipping inexplicably jumped from $5 to $9 with no explanation, and this was very separate from the inclusion of taxes. It's a small thing, but I'm highly averse to sudden unexplained charges, it's just way too shifty for my blood. Word to the wise, keep a sharp eye on your charges as you proceed through the purchase screens.


@kingtaco: I noticed prices jumping around too, and found a couple of things.

1 - it could be you had a different shipping charge selected. I was estimated at 5 bucks, but on the actually shipping screen, ground, not economy, was selected. This didn't auto adjust and caused a price hike on the next screen. Had to go back and manually select economy shipping.

2 - In the fine print, it says each additional item adds $1.99 to the shipping charge. If you had multiple items, that probably contributed as well.

I definitely think they could have been more upfront about the various charges.


You can get some very good deals at but as has already been pointed out one must be very careful with the fine print...

They also use another company to do their coupons and buyers program sooooo often the customer service doesnt know what is going on with individual programs - even when you forward emails back to them they kinda hint that you are trying to cheat!!!

The worst is that you could end up with used shoes as they have this program of try it and if you dont like it bring it back program! They are suppose to have a section in the stores where "used" shoes are marked but when they get shipped out I THINK IT IS NOT ONLY DISGUSTING BUT MAYBE ILLEGAL!

Reading thru some other reviews about two right shoes being sent or different sizes sent out etc show that maybe FL needs some care made when ordered from - but you can get some great deals!


Looked at several items for my alma mater (Baylor) and they only seemed to have XL and XXL left on anything. I would have been in for two hoodies! :(


I had the shipping jump up on me, too. After the increased shipping and taxes, my two for $35 hoodies were now $49. Somehow doesn't feel like such a great deal now.


Use coupon code EXTRA10 for an extra $10 off! Not sure if there's a price limit but it worked for my $67 purchase.