dealsassassin's creed 3 (xbox or ps3) for $45.00…


$34.99 on the Best Buy Black Friday ad.


"Not likely to find a better price for this game for a while."
I disagree. Black Friday is only a few weeks away and you can probably buy this and a bunch of other games for a good discount. Last year I bought AC:Revelations for $35 I think and it was about as old as AC3 will be by Black Friday.


Good price, but this game was really disappointing. Just rent it, beat it, join me in sadness at the mediocrity.


@brazensage: Wait a little longer and you can find it for even cheaper. Picked up Revelations in January for $20 at best buy.


PC ftw. I wait for Amazon, Steam, and Ubisoft's new Uplay to compete down to the $7 range before I pick them up. I may be about 6 months behind, but I only pay 12% of the original price.

I am further encouraged to wait by all the poor reviews. Maybe they can patch some of it up, but a bland main character can't really be fixed in the here and now.