dealsassassin's creed 3 (xbox or ps3) for $45.00…


"Not likely to find a better price for this game for a while."
I disagree. Black Friday is only a few weeks away and you can probably buy this and a bunch of other games for a good discount. Last year I bought AC:Revelations for $35 I think and it was about as old as AC3 will be by Black Friday.


$34.99 on the Best Buy Black Friday ad.


Good price, but this game was really disappointing. Just rent it, beat it, join me in sadness at the mediocrity.


@brazensage: Wait a little longer and you can find it for even cheaper. Picked up Revelations in January for $20 at best buy.


PC ftw. I wait for Amazon, Steam, and Ubisoft's new Uplay to compete down to the $7 range before I pick them up. I may be about 6 months behind, but I only pay 12% of the original price.

I am further encouraged to wait by all the poor reviews. Maybe they can patch some of it up, but a bland main character can't really be fixed in the here and now.