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I love the show but... honestly? This much for 18 episodes? I don't think those bonus features can justify that.


I paid this for the entire Star Gate Series on Blu Ray! Which is a LOT more than 18 episodes.. this is the biggest rip off Ive ever seen..

Do yourself a favor and make paper airplanes out of 80 1$ bills and throw them into a fire.. You will get more enjoyment out of that than wasting it on this box set.

EDIT: and now it's $127.99.. That's $7.11 per episode


@devexityspace: It is still $79.99, Amazon is currently pointing to a third party vendor newbury_comics. If you click the "19 new" link you will see the $79.99 Amazon price.


The high price is, I believe, due to the music. A lot of fans were very vocal about wanting the original music they used in the show in the DVDs, and a lot of those songs cost a ton to license. Hence, 18 episodes for $79.


And keep in mind that this is a special edition. The normal series on DVD will run you $50 tops, and you can probably find it used, or maybe even new for $20. I love this show and have watched it since it was on TV like a decade ago. I do own the series and every single person I have introduced it to loves it as well. It is a short series, but a very good one. It's kind of fun to see the beginnings of the movie empire that has sprung out of the series. Judd Apatow produces the show, and if I remember correctly he also produces movies like 40 year old virgin, knocked up, and essentially all the movies that seem like those movies. And you can also notice it was most likely produced by him because of the cast. You've seen a lot of Seth Rogen and others in this cast in current comedy movies, also James Franco, and Linda Cardellini have been in these movies. Anyway, that's all I'm saying. I agree the price is too high, but the show is awesome! Get the regular DVD set.


I thought about buying this for my cousin for her birthday but man not sure if she is really worth THIS much.... maybe i'll just buy her one disc at a time for several years. That way she really enjoys the gift.


Ooh. Newbury comics. It's a great store. It's right in Cambridge/Boston.