dealssave 66% on counter-strike: complete (bundle) on…


Sweet! Now I can finally play Source at 450 fps!


I wasn't going to get this until I saw that steam was offering free shipping!

I'll take three!


Woot finally CS: GO!!! Man I have been waiting for this for SOOO long!!! And it's even on sale - I'll be picking up a few just for gifts as it comes with all the older CS's as well =)

Looks like updated graphics, new models, new weapons, new maps, and revised versions of old favorites.


Anyone remembers de_dust?

That's probably like my first and only map I've always played.

Oh man.. CS was so hilarious back in the days with all the console commands.

In my opinion.. Counter-Strike is still the king of FPS.


@djdsk8: Ya. I have CS Source. I only picked up CS Go.


I have been underwhelmed by the beta - it's pretty much CSS with new skins - but if Valve updates this half as much as TF2, I figure I'll get my money's worth eventually. Right?