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So is this the Nook Color or the Nook Tablet? Seems like they might be trying to do an old-fashioned switcharoo.


This is the item called NOOK COLOR, the nook color is a type of tablet, do you research you will see they are the same item


Sorry dalifh, you are wrong. The Nook Color is NOT the same as the Nook Tablet.


Quick differences: Color is 800mhz processor w/ 512MB RAM, Tablet is 1Ghz dual core with 512MB or 1GB RAM depending on the version. Color is 8GB only internal memory, Tablet is 8 or 16GB. Color is 15.8 ounces, Tablet is 14.1.

Color is a 2year old product & $149 is the standard price for it now. Tablet 16GB is much newer & is now regular priced at $199 to compete with Kindle Fire & Nexus 7.


@chudleyone: Plus the obvious: The Nook Color is designed to be an e-reader, and the Tablet is a tablet. While they might make a semi-mistake calling the Color a tablet(technically it is), they'd NEVER call the Tablet an e-reader(which it can be).
This listing needs to be scrapped and restarted, but corrected.


Nook Tablet is essentially "Nook Color Generation 2." If you're going to leave it stock, the Tablet is quite a bit better. If you're going to root it--Nook Color is better, as there's way better homebrew stuff for the Color. Turns it into a full Android, overclockable to 1200Mhz.


@spork7: Plus it enables Bluetooth. I've used mine for 6 months and it's more than adequate rooted, especially @ the refurb price.