dealsapple mc349ll/a ipad 1 tablet 16gb w/wifi+3g for…


Interesting, given AT&T's improved iPad data plans, just wish this were an iPad 2 even it if were $50-100 more.

The potential issue with first gen iPads (aside from being slower) - they can only be updated to iOS version 5 but the latest version is iOS 7.

We own an iPod Touch gen2 (max = iOS 4), and the apps supported have pretty much dried up.

Edit: ironically they have a gen2 Touch for $59. Would not recommend it for the above reason unless you simply want to browse and read email.


Additionally to what @bluemaple said, I'd like to point out, that this doesn't have any cameras, and is rather thick and heavy.
It does not feel good in your hands.
I sold mine as soon as the 2nd generation came out, and never looked back.


Yeah stay away from the iPad 1, Apple really screwed people over by not supporting popular apps. Im still not sure what to even do with mine but I went with a Dell Venue 8 Pro (screw Apple).


@anthonyg: yes it's frustrating. But pretty near impossible to continue supporting the original hardware when competition is driving technology improvements at this rate. The same hyper-acceleration happens with every new technology product and then settles down a bit.

And it isn't just Apple, a lot of the app developers are very small businesses. They have to choose between nuetering functionality of their latest app version to maintain original iPad compatibility and taking advantage of the new hardware.

I don't blame them or Apple for choosing to take advantage of the new hardware - if they chose not to take advantage of the new hardware, they would be short changing new buyers. Kind of a no win scenario for original hardware owners.

I'd recommend using the original iPad as an Internet portal and email device. It should work fine for that.


Is Target still giving $200 for any working iPad?

If so and you're looking at an Air, grab one of these then take it straight in to Target to get $200 back for it.

As the gnomes might say...
Step 1: Steal underwear
Step 2:
Step 3: Profit!


Target has a quote calculator on their site so no not any ipad is $200. I have mine on eBay and bought a Dell Venue Pro 8. Much better option for me and no need to defend Apple we all know the ipad one is capable of upgrading.