dealschar-broil instant waterproof fire starter bricks…


These work pretty well. Each "brick" (8 bricks per board) is about 1" x 1" square of compressed sawdust and some sort of oil. The boxes they came in were all pretty oily. The boards break apart pretty easily by hand though not exactly on the score marks. You will still need kindling unless maybe you use several boards worth of this stuff.


This is fine, but for about $10, you can get a charcoal chimney starter and you will never need lighter fluid or oil-soaked sawdust bricks again. Heck, for years I used one I made for free out of an old coffee can. Somebody (not me) burnt their hand on it, so then I went and spent the big bucks on a fancy store-bought version with a wooden handle, something like this.


These are ideal for backpacking. They're light, no fuss ways to get your campfire started.


@mdlwoot: Yup. I use things like this for camping all the time. When the nearest dry kindling is miles away, and everyone is hungry, you want all the help you can get.