dealsblue diamond almonds buy 1, get 1 of the same…


Walgreens keeps doing this deal and then all of us hop on it and it sells out. Then they don't ship the goods. Last time I received 4 of the 12 cans I ordered.


Enter coupon code 15THANKS to save an additional 15%.

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Price went up slightly on the 6 oz cans (now $3.99/2 was $3.79/2)... works out to $5.32/pound now (was $5.05/pound). (Limit of two)

Also, note that the 16 oz bags of several flavors are available for $4.99 (which is $4.99/pound... duh!). (Limit of one)

(Yes, the Dark Cocoa ones are only 14 oz bags, for $4.99 ($5.70/pound). Still totally worth it.

Also, the 16 oz Wonderful Pistachios are available for $5.99 (limit two).

Is it a problem that I just spent over $77 on almonds and pistachios?

Edit: Bah! I should have looked for coupons! I knew I was forgetting something.


Mix a can of the smokehouse and honey roasted together. Salty and sweet - Super Yummy!


"Blue Diamond Almonds Buy 1, Get 1 of the Same Item for $3.99"
Is not much of a deal!!
Shouldnt it read: "Buy 1, Get 1 of the Same Item FREE"??