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This is how much it is every day at newegg. Down one spammer.


I have one of these. That I got for a little less than this but I'm strongly thinking about buying another for downstairs. The other gets used in the bedroom right now. Thanks


I own this. Hands down, no matter what model Harmony remote you get, The best universal remote you can buy.


24.94 after shipping, Newegg has it for 23.99 with free shipping.


I too own one of these, as well as a 650 and a very old 510. I think I paid $20 for it new at Wal-mart last summer.

It is okay for a single TV setup, but it does have its shortcomings when compared to the 510/650. For starters, the majority of the keys are not illuminated. This makes it really hard to use in a dark room.

The 300i only has one "activity" which defaults to "Watch TV." This is fine if you only have a single TV, but not quite as handy if you have a DVD/Roku/PC that you also wish to control. Sure, you can manually select these devices, but for a few bucks more, a 600 series remote will provide single-button activity control for more than one device and far more capability.

Of course, programming a given device into any Harmony remote is actually quite easy. Gone are the days of pressing a cryptic series of keys and entering a three or four digit number gleaned from a sheet of paper written in 4 pt typeface. Logitech remotes are second to none in this respect.


@tfmiller: Nice post. The 300i is Logitech's bottom of the barrel remote...and it's still better than most. Still, for this price, if one has a more advanced theater, a better model (even used) would be a FAR better choice as you stated.


@spyder69696969: Harmony 200 is bottom of the barrel. This one is near the bottom of the barrel, closer to where the pickles float.


650 Model w/Colour screen at TigerDirect for $39.