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+1 for the 'slicendice' tag!


Wow, possibly a new world record for the largest number of weasel words compressed into one description: "Based on a likely model of the kind of swords that were popular around the time frame estimated for King Arthur, this is a sort of idea of what Excalibur might have looked like at the time."

Uh, we do all know that Arthur is fictional, yes? That he's the anthropomorphic personification of military resistance to invasion, whether of Britain by Saxons or of Wales by Romans and that evidence for any historical figure behind the stories is vanishingly slim? Dispensing with Arthur himself, the legends date mostly from the 12th C and romanticize the 6th C when the post-Roman British were attempting to fend off Saxon invasion. So a "Norse" style sword would be about two centuries later than that period, at a minimum.

Anyhoo, if you think this is a nice decorative sword, go for it. But don't imagine for a moment that it's representative of the fiction of Arthur, let alone the facts.


@czetie: Weasel words.... wow... thanks. Had I known that I had to post deals as per Wikipedia terminology standards, I'd never have even come to this site at all. :) I was merely trying to summarize the text on the original site.


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