dealsusb finger mouse for $3.88 + free shipping


The one-star reviews tell a sad tale of DOAs, easily-broken fragility, and awkward hand positions to get the device at the right angle to function. Even the first review, with five stars, tells about multiple frustrations, needing to invent their own way of holding it to reach the buttons, and modding the device. Not sold or fulfilled by Amazon. Caveat emptor.


I bought one of these on Amazon a few months ago to try out. The finger-mouse is approx. 2.25 inches long (not including the attached USB cable) and maybe weighs about .5 ounces. It is secured to a user's finger with a poorly sewn piece of elastic band as well as a small wire on the back of the mouse to aid in balancing the unit on your finger (neither work very well and it isn't something that will last under extended use). The button & scroll wheel seemed to work OK. On the "business end" of the mouse is an exposed LED that protrudes a fraction of an inch beyond the mouse. This is a problem as it takes little pressure to push the LED back inside the mouse. When this happens you have no mouse control at all until you bend it back into its proper position (which takes some trial and error guesswork to get right). You also have to contort your finger to a proper work position (which hurts after a while).

All in all I think it was a good idea that wasn't executed very well. IMVHO