dealsfriendly's - buy one 3 scoop sundae, get one freeā€¦


Ugh, lucky gd east-coasters.

Have three sundaes for me.


coupon states "reproduction of this coupon prohibited, including on internet websites". Sounds like we can't just print it out and use it then.?


The Friendly's near us closed up. We were really surprised because it was always busy. Sure do miss it. :-(


My favorite Friendly's from long ago: swiss chocolate almond sundae w/ toasted almond fudge ice cream. I think they're both history now, so I'll settle for buttercrunch next time I'm back home for a visit. That and a grinder from Angelina's are musts.


The fact that the coupon clearly states reproductions are not valid is sort of a deal killer....aside from the fact the link isn't even to a Friendly's website - Maybe it's their host site for coupons...