dealshandheld infrared thermometer / leak detector…


Bought 4 of these EXACT Infrared Thermometers when they were on sale in Lowe's a few months back. They are great. Lowe's reduced price was $9.99.


@bigray57: If you ever see a deal that good, please post it here. I'd like one of these - don't really have a need for it but for $10 it would be mine. Oh yes, it would be mine! :)


If you work on cars, these are insanely useful. Checking for dragging brake calipers, wheel bearings, cooling blockages. VERY handy.


@tsfisch: I actually found the deal here and on other sites. Retails in Lowes for $40.00 now, thats why I had to buy four of them. One was my first Christmas gift to give this Holiday Season. I like to say its "pickled".