dealswindows 7 home premium (system builder) for $79…


You can also get Windows 8 for $69.99 on Amazon thru 10/25


@orangebug: Or you can get it from Microsoft for $39.99. Or from Microcenter B&M stores for $38.88.

But I wish we could buy Windows 7 for that price. I have a four year old XP machine, that still runs great and has decent specs, that I'd like to upgrade to Win 7 for cheap, but I really don't want to be an early adopter of Win 8.


@djp519: I'm in exactly the same predicament. Have XP on an elderly desktop and want 7 but not 8.


@bethy54: Make sure the machine can handle it before you plan too much. Windows 7 is pretty solid, but needs a fast processor & a lot of memory to run fast. XP doesn't need near as much and it's not as resource needy, but it's more solid. I've got both at home, plus Linux Mint on a dual boot machine, and NOTHING crashes. Gotta love it.
I'll never go to 8, I tested it at work to check some of our software for compatibility and just hated the look and feel. I'm pretty comfortable with all the others, so I don't have to change and I never update just to have whatever's new.


@havocsback: Thank You so much for your input/help!!! I was thinking that everything would be faster and smoother with Win.7, since XP is so How do I tell if my computer is able to handle Win.7 or not? Thank You so much for your help! :o)))