dealsthe sound of music 45th anniversary blu-ray/dvd…


It's "musicals day" at Amazon, apparently, as they will have lightning deals throughout the day on classic musicals.


Missed the film, was outside trying to levitate :)


Ultimate cop-out. I was stationed at the Pentagon when the big anti-Vietnam war demonstrations happened. We were confined to base, and this movie was playing, so I went and saw it while the marchers were surrounding the building, hoping to levitate it.
Had to go to work there 4-mindnight and snuck in a side door guarded by jeeps with 50 cal. machine guns mounted on them. (Aside: The gal who played the 16 year old looked to be really about 25..but she was a hottie.)


This is a really nice set. My kids like the music box, which plays "My Favorite Things." If you like the movie, you'll love the set.


I got this on Cyber Monday$19.99, and it's a great set. Love the hard cover book with production info. I watched it with the pop-up boxes that told details about the movie. My 4 year old liked playing with the music box, I normally wouldn't let him play with something like that but since it was so cheep I didn't care.

This is still $69 at Best Buy and Target.


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