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This brings back great campfire singalong memories.

The longest... song... EVER.... (or so it seemed at the time)

Thanks for the great souvenir from my youth!


The greatest song ever for free? Yes please!


Does one really have to fill in their credit card info in order to get the free download?


@zzzang: Well I filled in my credit card details, accepted the charge of $0.00, and now I have a free track in exchange for creating a Google Wallet my phone tells me I need to install a player app to play this (since it's streamed from Google's cloud and not downloaded). My cheesy phone is already out of space for installing more apps...


@curtise: This should bring back great memories for me, I know I was there, and I know I sang along, but I don't remember any of it. These days I drink a little less...


If you really want to blow your mind, check out the Annotated American Pie FAQ.

And if you want to feel really old, this was originated on USENET back on before we had any of that newfangled 'www' crap, young whippersnappers!


Here's a great way to hear McLean's live version of American Pie, w/o having to deal with Google: (a.k.a. The Grand Rapids LipDub).


There was a burned out looking dude with a guitar and a change jar at Skeeter's in Gainvesville, FL back in the day. We thought we were pretty smart to request American Pie after stumbling in ~3AM. This dude actually knew the whole song, so it became a destination in and of itself.

Ok... carry on... :)


@pg318: You don't have to use Google Play; you can use Google Music Manager to download mp3's to your PC, then you can play them on whatever you want.


A long, long time ago in a Galaxy far away Naboo was under an attack.


In my opinion the most over rated song in history. And...Don McClean is a total a-hole.


@dvshrt: LOL that's a pretty strong opinion. I'd go more with over-played than over-rated. It's a great song that evokes a lot of emotion for people who lived through those times. And there are actually a lot of really good songs on that album if you listen in its entirety.


@mikecris: I suppose you're right. The first eleventy billion times I heard it it was OK. Now it just makes me want to hurl. Over the years people have interpreted these lyrics to be so much more than they are. By McClean's own admission, the majority of the lyrics mean absolutely nothing, just rambling gibberish trying to make things rhyme. I refer to it as the "Forrest Gump" of songs. Sh*t Happens! - Have A Nice Day!


@iwbyte: Thanks for the link...for others interested, you have to go a bit of scrolling to get to the actual song breakdown, and the first part is about this being the definitive version, blah, blah, blah...


For all of you youngins who only know the Weird Al Yankovic "Episode I" parody, you need to get this.