dealshigh intensity cordless ac/dc rechargeable light…


Aw yeah. I'm on the Highway to H E double rechargeable light sticks.


I received a couple of these as a free "gift" when making a larger purchase. Use them all the time at work. 7 years old now and still going strong. BTW, there are two options. I have the "work light" with the hook at the top and they are only $9.99. In for a couple more...


I was in for one of each until I saw that $5 shipping PER ITEM. I'm outta here!


I got a Bayco 60 LED light about 6 years ago for my boat (which I have since sold) and it still turns on every time I want to use it, only having been charged that first day in 2008. While these are not bayco, they are probably the same components and cost half as much.


For the DIY photography crowd that might be looking for an alternative to Westcott's Ice Light, this would probably be good for macro stuff or really close-in work.

The Ice Light ($600) has a stated power output of 1,160 Lumens
This light states 250 Lumens (slight more than 1/5 the output)

Close-up product work, flowers, close portraits (B&W - no way to judge color on this without having one), and especially stock texture shooting. For $20 ea after shipping, might be worth it to get a few for Justin Case.


Even with shipping they're still cheaper than on eBay.
For me and presents = In for a few.


I bought this and am very happy with it