dealsbuy 1 2-pc boneless combo, get 2nd complimentary…


yay! I had one of these coupons a couple of weeks ago and accidentally let it expire. we just had KFC last night for dinner but whatever. this is a good deal!


My body is going to hate me when I go to the gym later today.


What should I do with the second soft drink?


@fightingpillow: get it without ice and save it for later?


KFC seems to be dying off. The town I grew up in had 3 restaurants within in a 20 mile radius, now they're all gone. Heck, even the city I live in now has only 4 or 5 when there were a dozen 10 years ago.


I printed one, I tried this boneless chicken a week or two ago and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. I think I want to know how they do it, but I probably do not want to know,


I too was surprised at how good the chicken was. I tried to order some today at my local KFC and they were "temporarily" out of the the boneless chicken. I asked if they'd sub the regular chicken for the deal. That was a no-go.

I enjoyed the meals anyway, because I like KFC.


@fightingpillow: If you won't drink it yourself before it goes flat, why not either give it to someone else--even another customer to be a nice guy and save them a buck or so---or tell the clerk to skip the second drink. Doesn't seem like much of a conundrum.


My local KFC wouldn't take the coupon - they said it was a copy. They showed me an original which looked like it was cut out of a glossy print ad. Oh well - boneless chicken is surprisingly good nonetheless.


@arzenika: Had the same thing happen last time I went to a KFC a year or so ago... They said they don't take copies ~ I said it's printed off your website, on my printer, which uses copy paper... ~ They showed me a glossy & said the same. Told them then they needed to add to the online instructions that you would only take them if they were laminated (and in color).

Chicken ain't that good, I went next door to Burger King & I told them where I was going on the way out.

Their employees got the attitude that you 'showin up at they house & askin to eat they chickin' ~ F 'em all.