dealssansa clip zip mp3 player 8gb (black) special…


Nice timing, I was just in the process of figuring out how to "fix" my 8GB Clip+. The hinges on the Clip+ are cheap plastic and mine broke a couple of months ago (I've had it about 2 years though).

The description for the Clip Zip says it has a "anodized brushed aluminum clip," but does anyone know if the hinges are also aluminum or cheap, thin plastic like the Clip+?


Rockbox is not (last time I checked) yet officially supported on this, but the development builds work excellently.


use promo code D478Q to get an extra 10% off. : )


Damn, just ordered the 4gb off of amazon for 35 last week. Although I was able to snag a 32gb sd for it so that 4gb shouldn't make much of a difference


best sounding MP3 player period.


I use my older clip almost daily when out cycling, great little player. Anybody know of a cheap source for the smaller capacity? I download and give them away.


Have several Clip +, 2 Fuze, all great players. Just had an old original clip die on me,think the battery is dead because it won't charge, but it's 4 plus years old and was well worth the $$$. If you've never owned one of these they are great players and this is a very good deal.


Just ordered one. I've had a 4 gig Sandisk fuse for years. Stays in my car even during the hot summers here in the south. Never had any trouble with it. Thanks sandig7 for the promo tip. Saved another 4 bucks.


Memories...light the corners of my mind
Well-priced, random little memories
Of the way woot was

Sansa Sandisk
Is the woot we left behind
Woots we bought for one another
That's the way woot was

Can it be that it was all so simple then
Or has time rewritten every line
If woot had the chance to do it all again
Tell me - Would they? Could they?

May be beautiful and yet
What's too painful to remember
We simply choose to forget

So it's the Sandisk
We will remember
Whenever we remember
The way woot was!
The way woot was!


I got one of these and have to say I personally liked the clip+ better. The screen itself does very little in my opinion to help with sorting threw songs and play lists and actually enjoyed the look of the older clip+ more.


been trying to buy it for what has been an annoying long and frustrating time. everytime I put in my PO box the site tells me they can't ship to APO or FPOs. I KNOW! finally just put in my street address and by that time it wasn't taking the promo code any longer. Have NEVER had such a hard time buying something. It's like they want me to give up and just go to wallyworld or best buy. Going to give it one more shot, after that the savings won't make up for the agrivation. wish me luck.


Just bought one and the promo code worked with no problem. Sensenigk comment is right on, I use to stay up till 1 am ET just to see the next Woot offering - I obviously had a problem. I love Amazon, shop there all the time, but Woot is just no Woot anymore. Even the woot-offs lack something. Nonetheless, here I am still checking or buying daily.


I love the Clip family, but somehow $43 seems a bit on the high side. I guess we can thank Amazon for killing the wootness of Woot.


Man!!! I just bought this very same one less than a week ago for $10 bucks more. Oh well, spilled milk and all that....

The thing I really like about the Clips is the MicroSDHC slot which holds up to a 32g card (which is what I got). So you can have an inexpensive 40 gig player for sitting on the side of the road for 15 minutes scrolling through a seemingly endless stream of music trying to find something that you want to listen to. Love it!

I agree with other posters that the Clip+'s interface was better. It's cute to have the graphics and album artwork, but totally not necessary. I also liked the Clip+ button setup and navigation better too.

But all in all I love these and highly recommend one or two .. .or three ...


@jimnms: I sanded off the remnants of the broken clip and just stick it in my pocket. Velcro dot's might work for some applictions.



My main gripe with this poorly executed player is the lock button is right on the top of the player. This may seem trivial, but basically this makes the feature useless. If you put the player in your pocket like most people do, the little sucker will be unlocked in a matter of seconds. Then its only a matter of time until songs will be switching when you don't want them to. Very annoying and frustrating.

Secondly, the player doesnt really take well to properly tagged files. I have all my music tagged in ID3v2 and this sucker couldn't keep them in order. I was forced to listen to my songs with the "play all" section. Try to listen by artist, or album, or genre? nope, wouldn't do it. Another annoyance.

I ended up selling mine on kijiji for $20. This thing sucked plain and simple. And this is coming from a loyal sansa customer. I loved my sansa e260 until my son put it down some random hole. It was a sad day...


@sensenigk: I cry every time I play that in my rectified Clip+. Good news I still have 258MB Sansa (clip like player), still works great.