dealskim kardashian at sunset in bikini, photo print…


Wow, $5.80 on her? Not remotely worth it.


This doesn't show her best assets. Spend $.50 more for the poster of her in a white bikini that does.


Further proof that deals.woot needs a "bury" button or equivalent.


sunset? she looks like she just woke up


Should read: Kim Kardashian heavily photoshopped around the mid section... watched some video about her the other day (only God knows why) and she was in the water doing a shoot... I was astounded at her chunkiness... I mean don't get me wrong, she's hot... but photoshop blows.


@frantix: You can buy her sex tape for cheaper...way worth it ;-)


what's the saying ? .... lipstick on a pig ???


Any one else get extremely annoyed with websites that have a enlarge button that does nothing more than show the same small image in a new browser window? This site at least you really don't need to enlarge it, but if your going to have the feature, make it work! I really hate the ones that it is just a thumbnail you are looking at, and when you enlarge it, you get a whole browser window with a thumbnail in it. Grrrrr.


+1 on a bury option.
These "direct marketing" deals are getting tiresome.


Kim was voted in her high school class as "Most Likely to Catch Something"
That was the Carmen Electra-Paris Hilton School of Hard .......


pass um.................. probably cuz she slept with half the ghetto