deals.50 cal. ammo can - surplus ammo cans for $12.18


12.18 +21.40 shipping to NY.

Here are similar item elsewhere if shipping kills the deal for your state, as well.
19.95 + 6.70 shipping
11.97 + 12.55 shipping
11.99 + 7.99 shipping

Be aware that BKindustries claims to not build in profits to its shipping.. In fact he says it must be something that we, the buyer, are doing wrong, or his shipping calculator is doing wrong which results in the shipping overcharges.

I just found 3 retailers that have the same exact item with far more reasonable shipping.

Just spreading the awareness.


Shipping is so high because our site offers ONLY 2 Day Priority Mail shipping, which is cheaper then UPS when the item weighs under 3 lbs, however this is over 5lbs, others can ship it cheaper using UPS



a> Are you saying these ammo cans will be shipped via priority mail, exclusively? (Buyers - pay attention to this promise, and please report in once you get your package! so far everything has been first class, not priority.)

b> priority ranges from 14.xx to 18.xx from 48721 to 112xx (NY) depending on whether it can fit in a large flat rate box or not.

In this case you're pretty close on the high end, to the 21.40 shipping quote, so congrats but that brings us to point c.

c> Its your choice not to offer other shipping methods. I mean i could sell something, and choose to send via cross country bicycle courier, for 380.00 on a 10.00 product - but my customers would be crazy to buy from me if that was the only shipping option i offered.

Whats the end result here: your product would total 33.60 for me while the MOST expensive of my links would save me 6 bucks, or roughly 20%. The cheapest, 13! Almost 40% less than what you're selling it for.


that brings up to the inevitable questions...

Why would we purchase from you instead of one of them.

- Customer service? I don't even need to go there.. your posts and actions speak for themselves over the past couple of months.

- Exceptional shipping speed? lol. What does it matter if you only ship 2-3 day priority, but don't get things out for 2-3 weeks? No matter how much you promise to do better - you haven't... so all we can go on is your track record...

- better quality product than the others? Again - according to your track record - your stuff seems to be cheap. With that said - an ammo can is an ammo can, as long as it's genuine military surplus. They are typically built to very good standards - so quality should be the same across the boards between you and the other 3 sellers that were posted. so that's a draw.

I dunno - i simply don't see anything compelling enough to choose you over someone offering it 40% cheaper, after shipping.


Haha @goatcrapp Thats alot of text to say "i've found a better deal elsewhere" Link here


I'm challenging bkindustries to prove that they aren't a shill seller... a challenge they haven't passed yet.

but yes. better deal. link up there.