dealsgarmin nüvi 5-in gps navigator/receiver, incl…


This is an older model ... the current model (2597LMT) is considerably more expensive at $199.99


Older it may be, but it's an excellent deal. When I was shopping for a new Garmin last year I looked at this one but decided on the 2360 instead, mostly because I had a 4.3" Garmin already and didn't want to have to buy a new case for the new model.

If this deal had been available then, I'd have snapped this one right up. Madame Garmina Who Knows All and Tells All (as she's known around here) is great for those of us who get lost in elevators.


$115 for lifetime maps, Bluetooth, and a 5 inch display? And it is new, not refurbed. Great deal.

The slightly larger screen helps for middle-aged eyes - much nicer than the 4.3's.


Just paid $131. for it less than a week ago.. Wish I had known it would be on sale for less....


Price is inching upward, now $124.99. Still a good deal tho!