dealsbionaire® blp3340-u low profile heater with…


Shipping is based on zip code but a trial sampling of codes all come up to $3.99 (+ sales tax where applicable).

Does anyone out there have one of these? I'd not only like to hear some user feedback, but also get the dimensions. All I can find is that it is "low profile" which isn't very informative.


Same price but with free shipping on eBay.


We've got two of these at home. They work great, only they don't heat up a room as efficiently as space heaters with fans do.


Mannnnn Check the size, last one of these I bought was SUPER long. Made it hard to fit it places


Nowhere can I find the WATTAGE of these units!!!


@davebrik99: You can download the manual. The heater does not have a conventional variable thermostat and mechanical Off/Lo/Hi switch. Instead, you push a button to select from five preset temperatures (65/70/75/80/85 degrees) and three durations (4/8/12 hours). The heater runs at 1500 watts by default, but has an 'Eco' mode which cycles the power down as the heat rises.

I'm not impressed by the controls. They use them because the the all electronic type are cheaper than corresponding knobs and switches. But I like the control that the manual controls offer.


Here's the manual.

@ambuletz: Are the ones you have the same model? I'm looking for one to use in a small room with limited floor space, so would really like to know the measurements.