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What is envirosax? I clicked the I want one link and the page never opened, but our connection has been running slow so it may just be me.


Their site seems to be running very slowly today. I am guessing they may be getting more traffic than usual due to the sale.

Envirosax is an eco-friendly producer of reusable shopping bags. They are pricier than the 99 cent ones you can pick up at the store, but they are also much longer lasting. They are machine washable. Each bag has a 44 lb capacity and holds about two plastic grocery bags worth of items. They are super light weight and have little straps that let you roll them up into a little tiny package that can be dropped in a purse. I use mine all the time for groceries, lunches, etc. They come in solid colors, graphic prints, and colorful designs.



So spending $25 on reusable shopping bags... This might be a good deal (your description sounds great and I've had four of my cheap cloth bags rip or otherwise break in the last month), but their ssssiiiitttteee iiiisss sssoooo ssssllloooowwww rrrriiiigggghhhhtttt nnnnooooowwww that I may never find out.

Since it is taking so long for pages to load, can you suggest where I can go on their site to find their least expensive bags? While some of the designs are cool, my current ones are red (Target) and green (grocery store or UHS) and black (various, including VMWare, EMC and others) and I'm not willing to pay $20 (half of $40) for a designer print on a grocery bag, though I'd be willing to pay $2-4 (half of $4-8) for good "vanilla" (though not white) bags.


All of their standard size bags are generally the same price: $8.95 - so $4.48 after the discount for individual bags. Here are some direct links where you can see the colors/designs in thumbnails (and add to cart if you choose):
Solid colors:
Graphic designs:

* At the top of the graphic designs page they have "pouches" of 5 bags in a series for $39.95. This comes out to $3.99 per bag after the discount.

They also have sling bags that are a bit more expensive ($15.95) and mini sax that are cheaper ($5.95). I have a couple of mini sax and I find them too small to be very useful - you could fit a sandwich and a can of pop in them, but not much more. I have not tried the sling sax. If you are interested in any of these options, they are here:

I just placed my order. It went through fine, but the speed of the site was definitely painful!!