dealslego star wars b-wing starfighter + han solo…


this will be the same $99.99 price in all LEGO stores nationwide on Saturday the 4th as well, probably only 2-5 units in each store though.

Also be aware that while the price-per-piece on this deal is great and it's a 50% discount on teh regular $200 price, this particular model has some pretty bad reviews, it tends to fall apart if you just pick it up.

Another note for the starwars and lego junkies out there.... today, May 4th, is also the release date of the new RED-5 X-wing model.

all that being said, this is a freakin awesome set that I would have traded my baby sister for when I was a kid.

edit: I told my wife I wanted this, and she said our son was too young for it.... sigh....


Yeah, I'm gonna hafta go to the Lego store to see if they have this.


They're sold out, but you can still order. I have this set and it's awesome (although I'm also a huge fan of the B-Wing). I bought it when it was twice the price and consider it worth it. Now that's it's half price, I'm buying another!


B-Wing? Give me the trusty Koensayr Y-Wing any day. It was good enough for the Battle of Yavin, fancy rotating bubble or no amirite?